A poem by Joseph:

She’s a snuggle at night, and small kiss as morning starts
She’s a “Hi” after a lengthy nap, and a morning shopping trip to wal-mart
She’s my home maker but not my home cleaner
She’s my rock and my shield when I couldn’t get much meaner
She’s the Pet lover but only when she wants to be
She’s the Person that I can’t wait to wake up to see.
She’s the Emo girl that is so far from it.
She’s the Computer Nerd that she’d never admit
She’s my better half and the one that makes me be a better me
She’s my shopping partner and loves to wear my men’s tee
She has the knees I want to hold as we sit by the lake
She holds every part of me, and my heart is hers to take.
She’s got messy hair in the morning that I love so much
She’s got a presence about her that when we’re in bed I just have to touch
She was there for me in my weakest time, when she had to carry me on her back
She’s held me together more times than I can count and never felt the need to pack
She’s thinks I’m cute even when I’m fat and hairy
She likes to hit me and “flail about” when my driving gets to scary.
She’s my country music fan, even though it’s not what she would choose
She laughs at me… but makes me feel better when the Braves lose
She understands me to the best she can,
She understands that time she doesn’t understand…it’s just because I’m being a man.
She loves me when I cry in theater
She loves me even if I don’t treat her the way I should treat her
What is my wife to me?
She’s more than I could list in a given day
And even if it’s a movie quote
She completes me in every way.