The new year is approaching quite quickly and I have yet to set any resolutions for the coming year.Things I would like to accomplish and work towards:

1. Have a closer relationship with God. It is something I have struggled with recently, not because of any reason besides just feeling disconnected. I would like to personally commit to spending more time in the word, on a hopefully daily basis, but any additional time I spend in it would be great.

2. Have an exercise regime. I would really like to exercise more and find exercise I enjoy. I like to run but right now I feel so big and heavy that it is hard. I found that I actually like doing the eliptical so in the coming year I would like to exercise more so I can feel like a more fit and healthy person.

3. Better eating habits. I have horrible eating habits and I would really like to gain better control over what I eat and not letting food control my life. I would like to find a balance between eating what I want to eat and eating what is proper.

4. Get debt free. I do not know if this is actually possible for us this year, but I'm going to try really hard. Currently we put an additional $600 a month into debt after minimum due and we are big Dave Ramsey fans. I would really like to be debt free (except the house) by the end of 2010.

I think 4 is a good number to end at. Who knows what I will want to add as the year continues!