I know you see somehow the world will change for me

And be so wonderful
Live life, breathe air I know somehow we're gonna get there
And feel so wonderful

I will make you change your mind
These things happen all the time
And It's all real
I'm telling you just how I feel

So, wake-up the members of my nation
It's your time to be
There's no chance unless you take one
Take the time to see the brighter side of every situation

Some things are meant to be
So give your best and leave the rest to me
(Lyrics from iCarly theme show. I don't care who you are, that show is funny)

I remember graduating high school and knowing that I wanted to go to school for psychology. Then I changed it to marketing. Then to Business Administration. Then I decided I couldn't stand going into student loan debt when I couldn't even figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

It has taken me a long time to realize that I don't have to be passionate about my career. I don't want to be defined by my job. I don't want to be a high powered exec, I don't want to be a Dr or an academic. I just want to be able to follow my passions.

I work so that I can afford to have an enjoyable life. I enjoy it well enough, some days I love it, some days I hate it, but it always ends after I put in my eight hours. I have a great boss and great co-workers and get to deal with some amazing people, but at the end of the day it is only a job. It is not what I'm passionate about.

It's only been in the past few months-year that I've really come to understand that I don't have to adore my job, I don't have to be passionate about it, because what I am passionate about, I can explore on my own time.

I love writing.

I love writing this blog. When I'm stressed about losing weight, I bring it here. When I'm so excited that I can barely contain myself, I get to share it. When I am inspired, I can try to inspire others. It helps me hold myself accountable in the things I want to achieve whether it has to do with eating right, exercising or being a better person.

I love writing original stories. I don't share a lot of how much or what I write because I am so self conscious of it, but I love it. I can sit for hours, putting to paper (or Microsoft Word) the story playing in my head. I'm almost never bored because I am always thinking of what is going to happen next. It's hard work to put what's in my head in words but when it is *just right* it can be so rewarding.

So, I might not be passionate about my work, but I work hard so that I can be passionate about my writing. I refuse to *need* to find immense satisfaction in my job to find satisfaction in my life. I have yet to figure out what I really want to do that could earn me enough money so that I could pay my day to day bills but I've figured out what I really want to do to simply make me happy and that is enough.

Life isn't always about following your passions, most of the time it is about fulfilling the status quo, but it should always involve having enough time to follow your passions.