So, I had my first evening weigh in. I know that many people tend to eat less or lighter so that they will weigh less, but, I figure I should just keep it constant and so I ate normally.

Between eating normally, wearing my (not so light) work clothes and changing both my weigh in time and date, I gained 3 pounds.

The horror! Gaining so much, right?

Sure, if you only want to look at the numbers, but let's look at something else:

My mind is in the right place. I have my menu plan, I've followed it and tracked it. I'm getting in all my fruits, vegetables, water, oils, vitamins and dairy in, along with some yummy lean protein.

I'm getting in exercise. Between walking/jogging, GSP Rush Fit, Zumba and Clogging, I am getting a variety of workouts in. For the most part, I'm actually enjoying most of them.

Regardless of what my weight is, I am slowly shrinking. Clothing is the clearest indicator that this is working. I've had to buy smaller clothes, securely moving down in sizes, which is AMAZING. I was given some cute clothes by a coworker and half of them fit and the other half are just a tiny bit away from fitting.

So, I gained three pounds (most of it from the food I ate today), but I've also gained some awesome peace of mind, love of exercise and part of a new wardrobe.