Joseph and I have been without cable for about a month. We decided to get rid of it because we had slowly nickel and dimed our bill up to $150 for cable and internet. Even once we got rid of all the extras it was still a ridiculous amount when the majority of our time we only watched Netflix on demand.

Joseph, ever the sweet talker, called Comcast and had them just cut off the cable. Not only that, but he talked them down so that we no longer had to pay for a cable router and our internet is at a lower price.

Take note: If you are in a relationship with a natural flirt, let that person use that talent to lower the price on everything and anything possible. Joseph is allowed to flirt as much as he wants as long as it gets us something.

So, what are we doing in the mean time to follow our favorite shows and wind down at the end of the night? Well, like I already said, we watch a TON of Netflix on demand. I've rewatched a ton of my favorite shows and discovered some awesome shows I hadn't seen before.

Since the Playstation network came back up, we also signed up for Hulu +. Not only do they have past episodes of tv shows currently on air, they have past tv shows as well.

Between Netflix & Hulu +, I don't understand why *anyone* would pay for cable.

Hulu + is $8 a month and Netflix on demand is $9 (I think) plus our internet and we are saving close to $100 bucks a month. And I have to say, I am never unable to find something to watch like when we had cable. Additionally, I've been reading a lot more in my free time.

I would like to also point out that Hulu has Daria. How freaking awesome is that?

So, while I don't find anything wrong with people paying for cable, I mean, if I'm at your house and my favorite show happens to be on, I'll watch it. I will say that Joseph and I have found that our wallets have benefitted greatly from getting rid of cable and we have yet to really miss having it.
Although, I will say that it is a good thing that Football season is spent at Joseph's brother's house, otherwise I think he would revolt.