So, this Monday was a far cry from last Monday. Last Monday I was so depressed/sad/anxious/a mess. I was in a funk and I had no reason to be in the funk, but that didn't help me get out of it.

Today was just a great day. I got a lot of sleep. Felt cute going into work. My hair looked great. I had an awesome breakfast and focused on work easily. My boss was back and we got to catch up, her on her great vacation and me on how she is never allowed to go on vacation again.

And then I took my lunch break. I went downstairs to the gym and I had the best treadmill workout I've had since I've started exercising. I burned over 320 calories, jogged for 17 minutes (a new record!) and felt great. I kept it up by avoiding the pizza my company ordered in and instead my amazing husband went and got me subway.

To top off the day, we had delicious taco salad for dinner and I had a bag of Pretzel M&M's, managing to both track and stay in the positive, points wise, for the day.

Have I mentioned my great mood? It's amazing what an energizing weekend can do for your week. Because, as much as I missed my husband while he was visiting my grandmother, I got to recharge. I spent a good deal of it with my bestie at a Juice Plus convetion, meeting some awesome people and learning some great information. And then Sunday, I wrote and HP marathoned.

I just hope this great mood/week continues on to tomorrow. Taco salad for lunch, YUM!

Is everyone else having a great week or day?