1. I still don't have real internet at my house. I have a mifi which is actually a pain to use, hence the lack of updates, but that isn't what this blog is about. Fair warning, I'm about to geek out on you guys. You never expected it, I know.

As I'm sure, everyone in the world knows, the last Harry Potter movie came out this weekend. As someone who has loved the Harry Potter series for over a decade, this was actually a really big deal. Although I was at first resistant to go to the midnight showing, I finally agreed only for tickets to be sold out when we went to buy. I'm not going to lie, that was a little depressing. But, Joseph and I, on a spur of the moment idea, decided to go after dinner to the 10 o'clock showing.

Regardless of what was done or not done in the movie, it was still a great movie. The cast and crew did the last book justice and I teared up throughout various parts of the movie, whether happy, sad or proud of the characters on screen.

Since around the age of twelve, when I first read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (I was resistant to this HP craze I had been hearing of and just read that one because it fell into my lap) I was hooked. While Harry Potter might only be a simple series, it is a series that I find can so completely draw me into this mythical world. No other books I've read has done such a great job of disconnecting my brain with reality.

Because of it, Harry Potter has helped get me through many of my most trying years. When my sister went through super troubling times, I disappeared into the world of Harry Potter. I read it, watched it, wrote it and practically breathed it in with everything I did. When my ex boyfriend stalked me for a year (that's a story for another time!) when I was fifteen, I sunk so low into the world of Harry Potter, I wasn't sure I wanted to ever face reality. When I started dating Joseph and we went to the midnight release of the last book, and he stayed up all night reading it (kicking me into another room because I read faster and reacted to too many of the books triumphs and disasters), perhaps that is when I knew he was "the one".

When I detested parts of my life so much that I turned my depression into words on a screen, using characters and places already created by JK Rowling, I learned that this hobby of writing was something I could actually do well. Albeit, Harry Potter fanfic, not the coolest thing. I actually met a rather cool friend through it and we still sporadically keep in touch. (What up Paige!)

I've read and reread the books so many times that I've had to buy new copies. There was a time where I had all the HP merchandise and even as an adult, parting with it was hard. I love the world of HP because, to me, it was an escape when I needed it. It was entertainment so I was never bored and it gave love to all the Ginger's in the world with a whole family of red headed characters that were amazing. I still mourn the loss of Fred, the funnier twin (And yes, I could tell)

So, yes, I'm a huge dork. I love Harry Potter; which taught me how to love a series so completely that it consumed me, how to write and take constructive critisism and how to not be afraid to be a big dork, because it is an endearing quality after all, and for helping me realize, I always love the fictional bad boy.

For the occassion: A One Shot http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7188490/1/Compassion