When I was younger, I was stalked online by an ex boyfriend. This is my story as best as I can write it, yet it feels so inadequate
The Story of “A”
Part 2: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Over the course of our relationship we broke up twice. I can remember the first time we broke up. I felt underappreciated and like a second thought. It seemed he was more content to spend time with my father (making up time for his sucky one, I always assumed) or with his stupid frat (I still hold a grudge against fraternities).

I was tired of only getting any sort of attention when it was late and no one else was around. I was tired of being overlooked and then I found out that while he had no money to take me out, he had plenty for strippers… Even at 15 I knew that was a load of BS. So, I gave him a choice and he chose to break up with me and I don’t even think I cried, I simply coped. I was past it, whatever.

It went that way for a couple weeks. He was still coming “home” to our house on the weekends, so I kept to my room or stayed around my friends, avoiding any sort of drama. I can’t remember why we started dating again and the really funny thing is I can’t remember why we broke up but I do remember it was his decision. Again I didn’t cry (Did I really need anymore signs that this relationship wasn’t for me?)

The only reason I even know it was his idea to break up is because when my mother told me it was rude about dating another guy in front of him, I pointed out that “He broke up with me, what does he care?” She didn’t have much to say to that, so I started hanging out with a friend and her boyfriend because he had hot friends. Only to quickly learn how much he apparently cared.