Joseph had to work on Saturday, so I decided to be a productive wife and spend my Saturday cooking up some meals to freeze for the future. It cost about $75.00 and took about 4 hours of my life, but I came away with quite a few meals.

 (I have no clue why the picture is upside down..??)

Anyways, Pictured is the following:

21 Pumpkin Muffins
A LOT of Pumpkin Pancakes (Forgot to count)
8 Servings Vegetable Chowder
4 Servings Tomato Soup
3 meals Spaghetti Sauce
10 Servings Chicken Taco Chili
6 Servings Chicken Tortilla Stew
8 Servings Mac and Cheese
4 Servings Chicken Stuffing Bake
12 Servings Pumpkin Beef Pasta
and 1 Sausage Hashbrown Casserole

All in all, a Saturday morning WIN! Especially when we got home tonight after HORRIBLE traffic and rainy weather and all I had to do was reheat some chicken taco chili and some rice for a delicious and quick dinner!