September Goals:

Run/Walk/Jog 20 Miles - I'm pretty sure I didn't finish this. I actually took a couple of weeks off and then I focused on running for longer periods of time as opposed getting in lots of mileage. I have, however, picked C25K back up and am on Week 6, Day 3. I've run for 20 minutes straight this month which is a HUGE accomplishment in and of itself!

Finish Reading my Self-Improvement Book - Well, I didn't finish the one I had been trying to read but I did read a different self improvement book. I started and completed New Rules of Lifting for Women, so I consider this goal met.

Figure out a Solid Strength Training Routine- I've completed the first day of NROLFW and I'm super excited to do day 2. I will be continuing forward with this program because it is something I honestly believe I can stick to and complete.

October Goals:

Participate in a 5K - I'm looking to complete one with at the end of August. I don't care if I run the whole thing or walk the whole thing, I just want to start participating in races.

Set and Follow a Workout Schedule - If I continue working on C25K and NROLFW, I need to get 3 workouts of each a month. I'm great at exercising M-TH, but that is not enough. I may cut down on the workouts if it proves to be too much, but I need a solid schedule either way.

Pay off Furniture - Right now, according to our budget, we will pay off our furniture midway through October. I can't wait until it does get paid off!