1. My 3.5 cup water bottle - if I don't drink 2 of those before I leave work, I'm not drinking enough water. Plus, who doesn't love taking a break from work to PEE?

2. My new work BFF KayShay - She is my fashion guru (partly because my girl Karley is in FL, miss you) and my work out partner. I've gotten many compliments since putting more work into my clothes.

3. Pinterest - holy CRAP, why did it take me so long to get into it? So many things to do, make, eat, see, think and all of it in a pretty virtual vision board. All the fun and none of the work of a real vision board.

4. Pumpkin - is there anything pumpkin ISN'T good in? Pancakes, muffins, butter.... casserole, soup, stew. <3 it and soon I'll be carving one!

5. Fall weather - cooler days, cooler nights, scarves, jackets, leaves turning orange and yellow and red.

6. Yoforia - 25 calories an ounce? Um, I believe that is what love is.

What are currently your favorite things?