So, after the very emotional week I had, I was ready for some fun.

My department and the admin department at work went bowling together. Last year, accounting had kept it to just us, but hey, we're a friendly bunch. So, my boss and I, all week, debated on who was the worst bowler. I typically average in the mid 60's with a few gutter balls thrown in. It's okay, I've learned to embrace my SUCKTASTIC bowling skills.

I mean, playing Golf Bowling, lowest score wins, is what I'm great at.

So I get there a little early with my boss and my coworker and we get some drinks (Skinny Raspberry Lemonade (or maybe it was blackberry)) while we wait for everyone to show up. I'm stuck on a team with one of the better bowlers in our department, but what do I care, I'm going for lowest score.

The bowling begins. I hit a spare, then a strike and I continue to actually MISS the gutters.

Then, the most magical, amazing and miraculous moment of all... in the tenth frame I hit 3 strikes in a row. Otherwise known as a TURKEY.

I scored 118 in all.

I beat the good bowler on our team by six (and don't think I'm going to let him forget that!)

I scored over 100 the first time ever.

AND because of it, Joseph now has to buy me bowling shoes.

That's all I need to be a happier girl.