So, because I am on Pinterest, ALL THE TIME, I run across a lot of boards with the name "Thinspiration" and I have to say it irks me.

It irks me because, well, it isn't usually healthy or beneficial. It's filled with pictures of girls who have been SO photoshopped that they look unnatural and isn't realistic.

It irks me because it takes away any sort of health aspect of losing weight and just makes it about a clothing size and a number on the scale.

Being thin does not equal being healthy or beautiful and "Thinspiration" is usually proof of exactly that.

Don't get me wrong, you can be thin, healthy and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be thin or working hard for it, but you shouldn't lose sight of the importance of health just for looks. And focusing on pictures of half naked ladies so thin you can see all their bones, or pictures accompanied by tips such as "eat ice to trick your body into not being hungry when living off 400 calories a day".

These are some of my favorite pins that not only relate to losing weight, but do so in a healthy and fulfilling manner, which can be found on my "Motivation" board