Today was my return to work after having Thursday- Monday off. I love my job and my boss, but man, sitting around doing nothing for five days was great.

I kicked Katie's butt back to the gym where we did this workout, with the exception of skipping tucks because I have no clue what those are. Anyone care to explain?

Joseph has been sick since Christmas. Low grade fever, general tired and achieness. Not too whiny considering he is a man, but it's hard to whine when you just keep sleeping.

Christmas was great. I got some new kitchen knives, a pandora bracelet, owl pajamas, an owl mug and a firepit, to go over the highlights. Mostly, I enjoyed all the time with family and all the great food we had. Which is why now I really need to return to working out. I also need to purge all the sweets from my life. It's ridiculous how much we have right now.