Quite a few people I know have this misconception that to eat healthy you must cut out everything delicious. And, I wouldn't actually care, except if you ask them what they are eating, they sigh, look kind of down and out and with a sigh reply "Oh, just this *bland diet food*. I'm trying to watch my weight."

Well, guess what. Eating healthy can be delicious, versatile, comforting and an adventure for the taste buds. I love eating unhealthy food (clearly) but I also make sure that every "healthy" thing I eat is just as delicious. I eat lots of lean meats, low fat dairies, fresh fruits and vegetables. I get, at a minimum, 6 fruit & vegetable servings a day, 2 dairies, 2-3 servings of lean protein. I drink at least 6 glasses of water a day because I truly love it. And most days, some sort of chocolate enters my body.

All it takes is some creativity and some patience. I've slowly built up a stash of "healthy" and delicious recipes so that I always have recipes I like on the back burner. In addition, I have a healthy stash of blogs that post ridiculously delicious (and sinfully decadent) tasting recipes.

This is a *mostly* accurate picture of what I eat each day. Of course, my breakfast did not taste good (new recipe, boo) so today I had a few extra points for an evening snack.  I also forgot to take a picture of my afternoon snack: romaine lettuce with red onion and Hot Bacon Honey Mustard Dressing (delicious).

Meals pictured: Morning Snack 1 - Cheese Stick, Morning Snack 2 - Banana, Lunch - Santa Fe Chicken Burrito Bowl, Dinner - Bubble Up Enchilada Casserole & Sugar Snap Peas, Evening Snack/Dessert - Dark Hot Chocolate, Nuts & Bolts (Family recipe chex mix), a piece of fudge and peppermint marshmallows.

So, don't let "healthy" food get you down, because if you aren't enjoying it, you aren't doing it right!