So, it's January 1st, 2012. It's a brand new year which means I have to do last years taxes, my vacation time has been refilled and it's time for me to figure out what I want to make of 2012.

Resolutions, goals, whatever you want to call them, I enjoy making them every year. I enjoy trying to better myself It annoys me when people get so negative on how stupid it is to make a resolution because no one ever succeeds, because it's such a negative viewpoint. Sure, I might mess or give up, but that doesn't mean even just trying to be better, isn't positive in its own right.

My goals for this year:

I want to be more fit then I ever have. Which, granted, won't be too hard since I've never really focused much of overall fitness even when I used to dance (great legs, weak arms). But I truly want to work on my overall fitness. I want to run, do yoga, strength train, jump rope, play, if it is movement I want to do it.

I want to get a handle of this whole food thing. I swing from being such a great eater to eating like total crap with no real happy medium. I really want to learn how to enjoy my food without having to over indulge in. I want to have a healthy relationship with food and not an obsessive one.

I want to do a better job of housekeeping. I want my house to be able to be company ready in 15 minutes or less. I don't have children to clean up after, so I don't have any real excuses. I feel like having a clean, organized and neat home will really help focus my life to be more organized in all areas.

I want to focus more on sticking to the budget. Although Joseph and I always get our bills paid, and always pay extra on whatever we might owe, after that, it can be sort of a mess. I really want to get true control over all of our money and not just what we use to pay bills.

4 Goals, that's what I want for this year. Those are the ways I want to better myself. I don't have to do it all myself, in fact the last two are things that Joseph has to help with and have a say with, but he also influences the first two because, well, I'm married to him and his attitude motivates me. I'm sure I will mess up, want to give up, and fall so under the bar, but that doesn't mean I won't better myself through the next year. I'm not looking to be perfect, I'm not looking to make a complete 180 from who I am now. I simply want to find a balance, a happy medium. I want to even out these areas of my life.