So, over the holidays I was super lazy when it comes to exercise. I did some jumping jacks, and some squats but no real cardio, nothing challenging. Now that it is January, it's time to get back in the swing of things. I've picked Couch to 5k back up, unfortunately my two and a half month break has done a great deal of damage to my stamina.

I started back on week 3 and after working on that for a couple of weeks I was ready to move to week 4. Until... I started running. Four minutes and then six and then four of running, sure there is some walking in between but that is FOURTEEN minutes of running. HOLY COW. I am NOT fit enough for that much running.

So, I start the first four minute run and I am doing GREAT. Four minutes? Pft.. that's nothing. That's only one minute longer than the three minutes I was doing before. Oh, now it is time to walk. Wow, those two minute sort of flew, but it's telling me to run again...

The entire six minutes I play this ridiculous mind game with myself "Thirty more seconds and if you want to quit you can"... And then, I hit the point of having ONE MINUTE LEFT and I want to die. I'm suffering, it's bad.

But, I can do ANYTHING for a minute. It's what I learned in week 1, actually, (of the original program, not the one they renamed "Ease into") where you have to run one minute and walk for 90 seconds. I learned, hey, I can run for a whole minute. WTF how did that happen? Good job legs.

And amazingly, this applies to all parts of my life "Ugh, I don't want to empty the dishwasher." Stop being a brat, I can do anything for one minute. "Bleh, I don't want to get up and get something from the car." It won't take longer than a minute!

So, when I'm jogging and I'm exhausted, if I can make it to the last minute, well then, I got this because I can do ANYTHING for one minute.

And, so can YOU.