This is my second try at the 101 in 1001 challenge. I totally forgot about it the first time around so I want to start fresh, especially since in only a year, so much has changed with me.

I'm super excited for this project and the potential it has to help me grow as a person and to help me love myself more. I'm sure in the next few days I will quickly mark through some of the things on the list and it will slow down, but hopefully I won't forget about the whole thing.

Today, I completed number 73. I used to write an email to be sent to myself on September 18, 2013. I wrote about the things I hope I get from this project and what I hope to have going on in my life when that date rolls around. I hope that when I read it, I can smile, knowing that I tried my best to better myself.

Tomorrow I weigh in, and I'm hoping for a loss. I'm super nervous. Although I've stayed on goal, it is holiday season and who knows what I could have miscalculated. I just want to succeed and I'm nervous enough about Christmas eve and day without having a possible gain.