I had 4 glorious days off from work (+1 work from home) for Christmas, as well as actual SNOW on Christmas day. I live in Georgia, I have since I was 8 and I do not recall having a white Christmas the entire time I've lived here. It makes me super happy. :-)

For Christmas Eve dinner, I got together with my husband's family and had a potluck. I made Night Owl S'more treats, Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies, Mac and Cheese bites and Peanutbutter balls. The mac and cheese bites and the peanutbutter balls are old favorites. But, the s'more treats and little smokies were totally new to me. (42. Cook 30 new recipes, 2 done)

The s'more treats were amazing. They were so good and really gave a s'more flavor without the camp fire. They also look delicious.

The bacon wrapped little smokies were one of the most popular dishes there. They were the perfect finger food; one little bite of delicious.

I also hit a 5% weight loss, but I'm sure that is no longer the case after Christmas Eve and Day dinner.

I had a great Christmas with my husband and my family. I am truely lucky to ahve the family I have, they are amazing and I have a great time with them whenever I'm around them.