When I got married, March 21, 2009, it seemed everyone was chomping at the bit to let me know that I was either too young, or a wedding was a ridiculous waste of money. I don't understand what it is about forming a new union that give people the feeling that all of a sudden they can just butt in and offer their advice or flat out tell you that you are wrong.

Since then, I now get asked when I am going to have children and more often then not I am told "Oh, you're waiting? That's good, you are too young."

Age really has nothing to do with it and doesn't effect my decision. I don't think I am "too young" to have children, but  I can tell you I am not ready to and don't yet want to. I haven't learned enough of those important things that moms just seem to know naturally. So, look forward to a new blog series called, "Reasons I'm Not Ready For Children", because it is going to be fun.