So I had a dinner planned for tonight: Chicken, bell peppers and onions sauteed with Cilantro Lime Rice on the side. It was going to be delicious and nutritious (and taste just like chicken!) but then the sinus attack from hell hit.

It hurts to swallow.
My ears hurt when I DO swallow
It hurts to cough.
When I cough, green gunk comes up.
And I've had a wonderful sinus headache all day long.

Oh, and medicine isn't helping me at all.

There comes a point when I lose all optimism and just become pout. That point hit today. We got home and I couldn't find any warm pajama pants that fit. I was cold and I didn't feel well and all I really wanted was to crawl into pajamas. So my husband volunteered to go buy me some from Walmart (also helping him escape from cooking dinner which he had reluctantly agreed to do.) He offered to go to Taco Bell, but I was trying to be partially healthy so we compromised on Moe's.

I've been wrapped up in my slanket, with new fitting flannel pajama bottoms and sock slippers on my feet. I've swapped back and forth between Bones and Psych season 2 episodes. Needless to say even though I still have a headache, a sore throat, painful ears and coughing up green gunk, my day has finally started to look up.