I'm a bit late on these, but the start of September was hectic and then I just got lazy.

1. Run/Walk/Jog 20 miles - I completed this in August so I would like to try and accomplish it again in September. As a sort of side goal, I would also like to dedicate at least two running days to going 3.1 miles (aka a 5K)

2. Finish reading my self-improvement book - I figure I should be able to at least FINISH the book this month since it has already been started.

3. Figure out a solid strength training routine for me. I've got Cardio down pat, but when it comes to weights and strength, I don't have a clue. I'm going to enlist Joseph's help for this and I'm going to try to implement it a couple of days a week.

That's it, three goals. I know I'll be able to accomplish them as long as I don't forget about them or get distracted.