Part 5: I Thought We Were Friends

I wish I could say that my friends all had my back during that time. I wish I could say they even pretended to have my back. But, that was a pivotal time when I learned who were really my friends and who were not. I don't hold grudges against those friends that I think severely dropped the ball, but at that same time, there is never any fixing a betrayal that runs so deep.

The same day that I basically broke down at work and insisted they get him out of my house, was the same day one of my best “friends” lectured me about what an awful person I was for getting him kicked out of my house. Turns out they had a date coming up and because we were "friends" I should support her. Among lecturing me about how I was a horrible person, she also pointed out that "friendship is a double edged sword" and we should support one another. She was too wrapped up in herself to see that dating the guy who had been tormenting me for months, almost a year, was not support.

I had another “friend” completely stab me in the back over him for a free trip to FL. He was going to visit his sister, and she wanted to go get a tan. That one I guess I should have seen coming, but I didn’t. This was a valuable lesson in friendship and I learned that I won’t miss friends who could care so little about my hurt.

But, I also had two amazing friends, my sister and Sarah. My sister, Elizabeth, like I mentioned previously, was going through her own stuff. And I’m not going to lie, she had every right to be wrapped up in herself and what she was going through. She missed a lot of what was going on, but she stood by me. She didn’t stay partially friends with him. In fact, she told me to tell her if he ever messed with me again because she would handle it.

And Sarah, well she just stood by me, no questions asked, no doubts that I was telling the truth or that I was hurting or that what he did affected me. Never once did I have to wonder about her loyalty to me or our friendship. She was and still is one of my favorite people I’ve had the pleasure to know, it’s why we are besties.