Part 6: The Conclusion/The End

This effected my life in so many ways. It screwed up my view of men and relationships. I didn't date again until I was 18 and even then it was a huge and scary step for me. It screwed up friendships. It screwed me up. It still screws me up at times. I can't stand his name, the school he went to or the fraternity he was a part of because it all puts me back at that time.

But, I learned so much and I truly believe this helped me become a better person. Even though I won't ever forget, I learned to forgive him. I pray that one day he realizes how much what he did really hurt and violated me, but I know I'm not his only victim and I know he hasn't learned.

I, however, learned a lot. I learned that I am a strong person. I'm compassionate. I'm a forgiver. I learned how I channel pain which taught me that I can actually write creatively (which might be my favorite part of all)

What's amazing though, is how much I learned while writing this. Writing out everything was so therapeutic. For the first time, Joseph learned everything I had gone through. Putting myself out there that much, sharing one of the most painful parts of my life, was scary but it was amazing. I know that I got a couple of comments about how it may not nice to put this or that out there, but none of this was meant to be a personal attack on anyone, whether it be A or a bad friend or anyone else, it was simply to write my story- to get it out there.

What I went through sucked and it was traumatizing. But, it doesn't define who I am, or my attitude towards people. I'm a better person because of what I've been through.