Every previous time I've ever tried to lose weight, I always had a plethora of excuses of why I couldn't exercise, why I couldn't eat correctly, why I just couldn't do it.

Excuse 1: "I can't work out after I eat"

I'm sorry, come again? How many times have I let the excuse of not being able to get to take a lunch break early enough to work out before I'm hungry stop me from working out? I mean, it isn't Rocket Science, Sandra, eat and work out an hour or so later. Why would I waste a whole day because I can't eat before I work out.

Excuse 2: "I already screwed up, I will just start again next week"

That makes a ton of sense, I've screwed my eating for one day, so why don't I just really screw over the whole week? Perhaps, if I screw up one meal, I should make sure to bring it back to healthy on the next meal. Does that just make too much sense? Is that why I use to eat one bad meal and let it ruin the whole week?

Excuse 3: "I can't do what I planned, so I won't do anything"

Seriously? Does this make sense to anyone? So I can't use the eliptical, can I still do a push up? a squat? walk in circles? Variety is the spice of life, so why don't I just mix it up if my plans go awry.

Excuse 4: "My meal tastes horrible!"

Well, guess what, that is no excuse to order pizza! There is a subway right up the road, suck it up and be good!

So, needless to say that I am good at coming up with excuses, but what about now? I'm finally coming around to the ridiculous excuses that I use to hold myself back. If I have a bad meal, I move on, I go back to eating heathily. If I can't work out before I eat, I eat earlier and give myself some time to process my food before I eat. If I can't do what I wanted to do exercise wise, I figure out something else! Why have I let stupid excuses keep me from attaining what I want? If I'm smart enough to figure out how to be bad, why am I stupid enough to not just be smarter to begin with?

Mentally, I've changed how I look at weightloss. I've changed the foods I eat, how I enjoy them and how I move my body. I've come to realize that I am my own worst enemy but I can also be my most supportive person. I'm done with allowing myself to have stupid excuses and hating what I see in the mirror