I don't know when it became acceptable for my weekend to be consumed with watching television and playing video games, with little activity, even when we go visit people. That isn't living. I mean, it is really no wonder that I get so bored and restless during the week since I don't even take advantage of my time off to have fun, explore and live.

I want to explore our local parks and hike them and find out more about them. I want to play and hide and seek with my adult friends. It was so much fun when we were kids. What is it about being an adult that means we can stop having pure and simple fun? It seems like if it doesn't play on a screen of some sort, it can't be fun.

I want to move, every day whether it is "exercise" or just fun. I want to have a full, rich, adventurous, amazing life. I don't want to think back on my life and go "Oh yeah, that was a great show. What ever happened to it?" I want to think about everything I've seen and done, touch, tasted and felt. I want to think of the challenges I pushed myself to succeed and the things I've experienced.

I'm just tired of sitting around and letting my life pass me by. It's unacceptable, it's lazy and it's ridiculous. I've changed my mentality towards food, exercise and living so much in the past three months and this is something else I will change. Or else, I'm going to look back on my life and regret that I saw every episode of The Office but not thoroughly explored some of the great natural parks in my backyard.

Oh, and just a little moment of "look at me"... I've officially lost 21.4 pounds. In just 20 pounds I've managed to make real changes that I've embraced and love.

So, who's up for some Hide and Seek?