February Goals and Conclusions:

Make the bed every day of the month
This was definitely a team effort. Joseph helped or made the bed himself more than once in the past month. Often times we made it right before getting in bed just so we can say we made it. Although technically, yes, this goal was met; it was fudged a little.

Do something super special for Joseph once a week
I don’t know if I did something super special for him every week, but I did make an effort. I helped out with the dishes more than once. I made his favorite flavor of cupcakes. I made him a great Valentine’s present and cake. And I discussed on here how much he means to me.

Work out 14 out of 28 days
I think I actually worked out 15 days this month. I’m sure that is a new record for me.

Cook 1 New Recipe a Week
I didn’t really keep track of this. But, considering how much I cooked and the variety we had, I’m pretty sure this was completed. We had 2 different mac and cheese recipes, chicken spaghetti, cupcakes, cake, random thrown together and made up foods.

Do 1 day of C25K outside (Weather Permitting)
Joe and I did this together yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny, chilly morning; perfect for a nice jog. We ran to a little park that is near us and back again.

Complete weeks 1-3 in C25K
Done! I finished the last day of week 3 outside with real hills and stuff. I was really surprised and proud that I was able to do it. It’s amazing that in just three weeks I can go from feeling like I was dying for running 1 minute to flying through three minutes of running. I’m not going to lie though, I’m already nervous about

March Goals

Workout 16 out of 31 Days
I’ve really come to enjoy working out. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. I enjoy becoming strong, bettering my endurance and knowing that I’m making myself better.

Make the Bed in the Morning
Although I would love to do this every day, I don’t want to be so focused on fulfilling the goal that I miss feeling accomplished if I miss a day. So, I would just like to make a concentrated effort to make the bed every morning, but if I forget, I’m not a failure.

Continue with C25K
Now that I am progressing into the harder weeks, I don’t want to set a goal of finish week 7 by the end of March, because I might need to repeat a day or so. But I want to continue pushing forward with it and I want to progress.

Move to Level 2 of 30 Day Shred.
This is a great DVD for working on strength training. It has a lot of classic moves and it does push me to work harder. Although it is not strictly strength training only, it’s probably the closest I will be getting.

Hike a Local Park *weather permitting*
Ideally I would like to explore Sweetwater or a park similar. Something to just get outside and have fun with Joseph.

Enjoy my anniversary!
Joseph and I have our 2nd anniversary on March 21, but we are celebrating the Saturday prior. Melting Pot and a hotel room!

Make it to Church 2 out of 4 Sundays
This is pretty self explanatory