Joseph and I were going through some old clothes to determine which to keep and which to give to Goodwill.  These clothes were all super old, before I had gained any weight, when I wore medium shirts and my pants were in the single digits.

Clothes from when I thought I was "fat".

It makes me sad to look at those tiny clothes and remember how badly I felt about myself. I mean, it doesn't help that all through high school I was best friends with girls who were natural size ones (if not zeros), so in comparision, it is easy to feel big.

I just really wish I would have believed people when they told me I wasn't fat. I wish I could have seen my body for what it was instead of feeling like I never measured up. I would love to get back to that size I was before, but, if I don't learn to love my body and myself, it won't matter what size I wear.