So with all this losing weight and exercising and heing a healthier gal, there are a few things that I just could not live or be successful without.

  • iPod Touch - besides the C25K app that I adore. There is a Weight Watcher's app taht is amazing, tracks points, gives values for foods and restaurants and I can search recipes without being online. It also tracks weight and gives me success stories to keep me motivated.
  • Headphones - I can't C25K without them! Not only do I need to hear music while I run, I need to hear the prompts on when I can *stop* running.
  • Girl Talk - an artist who does amazing pop/hip hop/rock mashups. If you want to get pumped up to exercise, this will do the trick. Locate a free copy of his most recent album here:
  • Green Monster Smoothie - I've already waxed on about how awesome they are. But just to recap: Amazing energy, easy way to get in leafy greens and other vegetables, delicous easy and nutrious breakfast.
  • Sprint Vibrams - These "toe" shoes are amazing. I can run without getting shin splints and they are great for my feet. Who wouldn't dig that? Although they do require a learning curve for most people (apparently I'm a natural Vibram wearer because I've had no issues) I fully recommend them. I love my pair and when these run out, I plan to buy a new pair. Best part? They cost around the same as a really nice pair of running shoes.
  • Pretzel M&Ms - For 4P+ a bag, they are one of the friendliest chocolates you can eat. They are a great combination of salty and sweet and super fun to eat because they are M&Ms and all M&Ms are fun to eat. Duh.
  • 30 Day Shred w/ Jillian Michaels - Oh how that crazy woman makes me hurt so good. Just one session with her and I know I am getting a full body workout.