So, considering Valentine's day is on Monday I know a lot of people are celebrating this weekend. I'm an old married lady loser who made dinner only for herself tonight and has conned my sister into making enchiladas tomorrow for dinner. Did I mention my husband is also having a wrestlling extravaganza weekend since our wrestling club is not only hosting their own tournament but a national tournament as well and he is coaching, all weekend, for most of the day.

Which is all fine and dandy with me because now that I am *not* single, I no longer really care about Valentine's day. I mean, I do have an anniversary in March that I actually do care to put thought into it, so caring about V-day is just a LOT of work.

But, my wonderful husband, Joseph, is super duper traditional. He loves to celebrate his holidays and do it right. Because of this, I do celebrate and will give him a gift. I can't share what it is yet, since he will read this, but just know it will be awesome.

Joseph also made me a gift, which I have no clue what it is. But more importantly he is giving me the gift of food. Originally he was going to come up to work and eat lunch with me, but Monday is a C25K day, and I'm supposed to be starting week 2, so instead he is bringing Subway nd we are C25King together.

And he is making me dinner.

And he doesn't know it yet, but he is also going grocery shopping.

And THAT is why he is my Valentine.

I love you Joseph!