So, when it comes to food and drink, it should be no surprise to anyone that I have many loves. I love cheese, chocolate, ice cream, Frostys, Mexican food, pasta, cake, cookies, soda, chocolate milk; the list could go on and on.

One drink, in particular, that I love is Propel. A Propel a day keeps me from being mean, ensures I will get at least 3 servings of water a day and is just plain delicious. It seems everyone has their own preference for flavored water and mine is, most certainly, Propel, strawberry kiwi flavored.

I typically buy a case from Walmart and keep it at my desk at work so I can have a propel every day. And then, something bad happens: I run out and have no time to buy more.

That has happened to me this weekend. Goodness, what a horrible thing to happen. But, because I am shameless and I love Propel, I hunted down a dollar to get a Propel. But, in return, I owe someone something for that dollar.

Without further ado: Jason made me write this line

And I have to say, the Propel was totally worth it.