Sorry to break it to you, Sarah, but I have a new BFF (or BFB: Best Friend begins with a B and rhymes with witch as I like to call her). Some of you might have met her before, Jillian Michaels. That name ring a bell?

She and I have spent that last two evenings together, which I have to say, makes her smile a lot. I mean, we work out together, get toned and fit... and *sore*. First we did Yoga together, she thought it was great I was trying something new. Tonight we did the shred, she kept reminding me not to phone it in.

In my head I refer to her as "Jillian Micahels that *B word that rhymes with Witch*", but I know she only pushes me because she cares. Soon we are going to start working specifically on our backside and frontsides individually, but for now we are sticking to yoga and shredding.

I just have to say, if you aren't BFFs or BFBs... you should meet her. Just remember sometimes, the way she shows love is very painful. We are taking a break from each other tomorrow, but we are back on again for Friday (Jasmine, you interested in a work out date?)