So, I started working out in January. It was really easy for me to make myself go because the building I work in has a gym and I would go during lunch. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would just look like crap the second half of the day and I was alright with that because as sweaty as I got, I knew I was getting more fit.

Then I got a hip injury. This threw my C25K dreams out the window.

More bad news this week: The gym at my work is closed for the next 5 weeks. No treadmill, no elliptical, no floor space to Zumba. No place to work out.

Now, my work out buddies Dani, Joseph (my husband) and Karley have decided we will go out and walk at least twice a week in the neighborhood behind our work that has huge, mountainous hills. However, that still leaves me with at least 3-4 days where I have to push myself to work out, after work and at home.


I guess it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is and prove to myself that I can work out, I can push myself to do it and I'm stronger than the excuse I make. I have workout dvd's galore. Zumba, Yoga, Flirty Girl AND Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown.

Today I did Yoga Meltdown. Wow, does Jillian know how to kick a girls butt. I mean, I was totally resisting the work out at first. It was brand new to me, I hadn't done yoga in years and I knew Jillian would make me hurt. And she did. She made me sweat, hurt and my limbs *shake*.

When it was done I felt strong, lean, tall and powerful. I felt accomplished and amazing and I was happy. Some where in this whole journey I have fallen in love with working out and knowing that I am bettering my body. So, I need to hold on to that feeling, that awesome feeling and help it push me to work out. Tomorrow I think I'm going to 30 Day Shred. Thursday it is more walking on mountainous hills and Friday is probably going to be a great day of rest. I will have worked out 4 days in a row without a gym.

Let's see if I do it. I believe I can and I know I can. Because, after I finish, I'm going to feel amazing and know that I pushed my body harder than today or the day before or the week before.