So, after weeks of not running, having stupid hip pain and feeling like a sloth (even with doing Jillian Dvds), I got to run today! Is it bad I want to leap around declaring in a singsong voice "I got to run!" "I got to run!"? I picked up on Week 3 of C25K. That was the last week I successfully completed before my hip gave out on me and started sucking it up. I wasn't able to run the entire last 3 minutes, but every single run seemed to be UP hill and I'm not going to sweat it. Because, I got to run!!

It is amazing how much I look forward to working out now that I do it regularly. When I started working out, it was a struggle. We are talking: whine, complain and moan; "I'm only going because I promised I would Zumba with you" And now? I'm like "Come on, lets go walk/zumba/run/Jillian! whatever. Additionally, I'm making hang out time with friends be fun workout time instead of eat food time.

I went with my bestie, Sarah, to a group Zumba class on Monday night and we had an awesome time. Firstly because Zumba is fun, I don't care who you are or how you work out, if you can NOT take yourself seriously it is a fun time. And secondly because she is my bestie and we get along so well. We were cracking up the entire time and getting to dance our bootys off, well, my booty anyways... And I've decided we absolutely *must* go again next week!

So, to sum up, I Love working out AND *I got to run!*