So, ever since this past Tuesday, my hip has been hurting like nobody's business. It is really worrying for me because I did not workout at all Monday and it still hurts. I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow and maybe see if they can figure out what is up. But, regardless, I'm really depressed and bummed that I can't exercise. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy working out and I can't do it.

So, Saturday, Joe decided to cheer me up. I bought 3 dresses, which is practically a non-scale victory in itself, but they were also a size smaller than I had been wearing. So were the bras I bought. Joe braved Charming Charlies for me and let me get a Harry Potter puzzle. Needless to say, he was awesome and spoiled me with some retail therapy.

And part of what made it so awesome was buying a whole bunch of smaller clothes.

Now, I can only pray that the doctor can solve my mysterious hip pain tomorrow!