1. Joseph - my husband, my best friend, my favorite person. He truly takes care of me and treats me like his love. I could go on and on, but I'm going to keep it short.

2. My family - This consists of my mom, dad, sister, nephew, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma. I adore my family. I love seeing them and spending time with them. They are all awesome and amazing people.

3. My In Laws - I have to say, I am a lucky, lucky girl. I love Joseph's family. I always know that when I see them, I'm going to have a great time. I was very blessed with the in-laws I got, especially since I've read a lot of bad in law stories!

4. My friends - I don't have a lot of close friends, but the ones I have, I know I could trust without a doubt. I'm very friendly, but not every one gets to know the real me. For those that do, they are stuck with me for quite a while.

5. Music - I love music. I think my love of it first started when I took guitar. My guitar teacher was like seven years older then me (?) and had great taste in non "old people" music. He introduced me into some of my favorite bands, which only led me to discovering more bands. Music is so inspiring to me in so many ways.

6. Writing - I love creative writing, I love blogging, I love just documenting my life. My dream job would be to get paid to write stories that other people read. Stories that move people, make them feel or inspire them.

7. Reading - You can't really love writing if you don't love reading and I've loved reading since I learned how. I won two different reading contests when I was younger (and made some money!) because I couldn't keep my nose out of a book. Even now, that can be quite a difficult feat!

8. Cooking - I love cooking. I love creating a new recipe or dish. I love feeding people. I love to eat, which probably is a big reason why I love to cook. If I were more creative, I would probably want to go to culinary school, but most of my creativity is funneled into writing not cooking. And, alas, I can't conquer making Lasagna

9. God - I love God although there are (a lot of) times that I do a horrible time of showing it. I have lots of questions and things I don't understand but I've never questioned my belief in or love of God.