I'm stealing this idea off of Megan's blog, who stole it from someone else. But, it is such a great idea and I'm excited about it. She plans to do it as a weekly challenge, I plan to update it as I feel like it.

I'm going to go ahead and start today with Ten Secrets

1. I learned I was a good writer because of fan fiction. Some how I started reading Degrassi: The Next Generation fan fiction and thought, "This sucks, I can do way better." But, I didn't actually start writing it until I got into Harry Potter fan fiction (Draco/Ginny all the way).

2. Although, I'm not always the best at losing weight and living healthy, I want to one day figure out how to help other people become healthier. I love how I feel when I'm eating right and exercising consistently and I know others could benefit from my first hand knowledge.

3. Even though I used to live alone in an apartment, I am terrified of spending the night alone. On the rare times when Joe is out of town, I will go to my mommy and daddy's house and slumber there. (Except when they all abandon me on the same weekend!)

4. I could watch Psych over and over again. I've seen all the episodes on Netflix, numerous times and watching another one right now. I think partially, it's because Spencer reminds me of my husband and also because the show is funny, no matter how many times you watch it.

5. I'm ridiculously bad at making friends. I'm scared of putting myself out there to people and being let down, but once I make really good friends with someone, they typically stay that way.

6. I always have a story plot in the back of my mind, whether it is something I'm working on or something I have yet to work on. Because so many different plots circle around, I often have a hard time finishing a story because I get excited about the next.

7. I have two birthmarks, neither of which people typically see. One is on my butt, which leads people to think I've sat in something when in a bathing suit (which is why know I only wear skirt or short bottoms) and other is in my eye. It makes me wonder if people are bad at making eye contact or just oblivious.

8. One of my favorite compliments of all time was that I was so good at dancing I could be a black girl. I thought the delivery was funny because it was a black guy who told me and he started it with "Don't be offended." It would be pretty rude of me to be offended by that. I took it as the awesome compliment that it was.

9. If I were at a healthy weight, I would be trying to have a baby right now. But, I want to truly live a healthier life before bringing a child into this world because I want my future kids to grow up with a healthy view of food.

10. I have a twitter. I finally caved. My nearest and dearest know my feelings on twitter which makes that even harder to admit. You can follow me @sbragg87. Although, I have 0 tweets, nor do I know how to use it. Twitter 101, anyone?