I have to say, I don't know what it is about women that think it is perfectly acceptable to leave the bathroom looking disgusting. When speaking to gender stereotypes, women tend to be the cleaner, neater sex while men are thought to be messy pigs. Yes, I do realize this isn't necessarily true, but for the sake of this, we need to make it true.

1. If you "dribble" on the seat, wipe it off. Why does it seem to be so difficult for women to clean up after themselves in this regard. I mean, it isn't that hard to NOT dribble, but if you do, take a little tissue paper and a quick swipe takes care of it.

2. Flush well. I can't even count the number of times I have entered a stall to find that the toilet seat liner didn't flush completely, or there are remainders in the bowl. Seriously, ladies? It isn't that hard, flush multiple times if needed. I know, I personally, don't want to try and use a toilet that isn't done with the previous job.

3. A toilet stall is not a phone booth! Ladies, can we not take our phone conversations somewhere else. I mean, it's uncomfortable enough having YOU hear me pee, I don't want your husband/brother/sister/mom/dad/other friend of family member, hearing it as well. AND chances are, they don't want it to hear it! They don't want to hear flushing, farting, peeing. Bathroom noises are gross, no one wants to hear it. Along with that, don't talk to me while I'm in a stall, I'm POTTYING.

4. Stall choosing. If there are multiple stalls, don't pick the one right beside the ONLY occupied stall if there are other free stalls. (This is forgiven if the toilet is suffering from point one or two). But besides that, leave a stall buffer. It's awkward enough that we are all peeing in the same room with only thin walls separating us, let's leave as much room as possible.

5. Remember girls don't poop. So, if someone is in there for a while, just leave them be. They obviously want some private time and certainly don't peek under the stall and identify them by their shoes!