Motivation, what motivation? This girl has no motivation. It's much easier to believe that working out really hard will take care of all my bad eating habits. I'm 80% good, but when trying to lose weight, that isn't good enough. I've lost my motivation. Flat out have none.

How do people get their motivation back? I really want to run the Disney Princess Half, but not by myself. I'm trying to talk my boss into doing it because her sister wants her to do it too. Then, I would have to train for something AND I would have to work at losing weight because who wants to carry all that weight around.

I just wish I could get some freaking motivation back. I did so flipping great when I started it and now, slacking hard. I just need to focus on all the reasons I want and need to lose weight and the fact that I don't want to look back in regret because I've been slacking.