I'm sure I'm not the only kid who grew up eating egg in a hole. It's a quick and easy way to make a delicious breakfast and as a kid, it was so much fun to help. I got to carefully cut a hole in a piece of bread and mom would do all the other work.

Well, I'm no longer a kid but I can still enjoy egg in a hole, especially if I give it a fun twist to make it a little more sophisticated. A recipe isn't really required, but it was so simply genius, I had to share anyways.

Tomato - finely chopped
Mozzarella Cheese - finely grated
Parmesan Cheese - finely grated
Fresh Basil - finely chopped
Salt & Pepper - to taste

Mix the shredded cheeses with the fresh basil.

Using a glass, cut a hole in your piece of bread, discard or eat the middle.

Melt butter in a frying pan over medium heat and add the bread. Crack an egg into the hole, and if you want, break the yolk. Salt & pepper to taste.

Once egg is set on one side, flip over bread. Sprinkle cheese mixture over bread. Once cheese is melted and egg is set on other side, remove from pan and place on plate. Sprinkle tomatoes on top.

Eat & enjoy. Simple yet delicious!