Disclaimer: There is honestly no way for me to write this well enough. I cannot stress enough that I can't go into depth and explain how truly horrible this experience was for me (and how it continues to haunt me) but I've done the best I can.

Part 3: The Trouble Begins

For whatever reason, we didn’t have the most amicable split. I can’t remember if I goaded him, or if he would goad me (probably both), but we would just argue. He was still living at our house as my parent’s didn’t want to make him homeless (you know, on the weekends) but I know we would argue. And he would get violent. He punched walls on more than one occasion, right by my head as if to warn me how easily it could have been me. He threw a helmet at me, that would have hit me if I had not turned to go into my room. There was one time he tried to force himself into my room, I can’t remember why and I kicked him as hard as I could before slamming the door and locking it. I don’t know if I told my parent’s this, I can’t remember. It was a pretty sucky time for our family, my sister was having issues of her own and I’ve always been pretty self sufficient.

I had multiple email and messaging accounts, at least one Aim, one Yahoo and one MSN. You would have to know me to know that I had numerous accounts and to know what they were. My best friend at the time had moved to TN and she had a yahoo, most of my other friends had AIM and then I personally had MSN because of hotmail. I was logged into all three of them one day when one by one I was logged out.

I was confused and so I proceeded to login in again only to be logged out. This went on a couple more times before I was told my passwords were invalid. I knew that “A” was going to school for something related to computers and I instantly suspected him of doing it. A couple hours later, I was able to log back into my Yahoo and I received a message from a stranger letting me know he would let me back into my email and that he hoped I could read Dutch. The thing is, it was obvious that this wasn't a stranger who happened to figure out I had mulitple accounts on multiple platforms.
Weird things like that kept happening. But, it isn’t like I had any real information, or knowledge. I just knew that someone was accessing my email, my files, my computer. I had no proof but even at 15, I had women’s intuition. But to other people, I was just a bitter ex.