So Georgia has experienced crazy weather! Not only did we get snow, but now it won't get warm enough to melt it away! Interstates have been shut down. Schools have been closed all week and of course there has been an influx of northerners who feel the need to mock us for freaking out over 3 inches of snow. Considering we don't have snow plows and maybe 2 salt trucks as well as the fact that we don't normally have tires equipped for snow, I don't think the freak out is over-rated. Luckily, I can work from home so I don't have to use up my vacation time, but I feel bad for my co-workers who do.

Yesterday for lunch I actually looked in my fridge and figured out a meal using up some of what I had. I poached some chicken and cut it up into pieces before mixing it with a can of cream of mushroom and cottage cheese. On top of that I layered stuffing made with chicken stock and supplemented with sauteed celery and onions. I baked it all until bubbly and delicious. Not too shabby since I just made it up.

Last night for dinner we had Healthy Shells and Cheese with Spinach. Recipe found Here. It was pretty good but I feel like it could have used more punch to the cheese sauce. But then I really love a good cheesy flavor. It was super easy to make and super comforting to have while snowed in. But who knew Gruyere cheese was so expensive?? Anyone have any interesting recipes for me to use that wll help use that up?

I think tomorrow is going to be another work from home, but hopefully by Thursday I can escape.