The one thing I've really enjoyed in the past two months has been menu planning. I love menu planning. I love trying new recipes, finding delicious food to eat and cooking. I love cooking. If only my kitchen were bigger, I would be the happiest little chef ever.

My breakfasts are always the same; Green Monster with skim milk, chocolate peanut butter, strawberries, 1/2 banana and a bunch of spinach. To me it is a quick and easy way to not only get in a delicious breakfast but to get a bunch of vegetables and fruits in. When I have PB2 available to me instead of Peanut Butter, I also throw in my oils.

Lunch is usually 1 of 3 things: Leftovers from the night before, out to eat, or something I have to randomly come up with. This week I am making little pepperoni pizzas with sandwich thins with side salads for Monday and Wednesday lunch and Friday is probably Mexican. It is practically a tradition with my co-workers.

I always try and make dinners something that will give me yummy leftovers for the next day. It makes it easier on me to menu plan and it saves me some money. However, on Tuesday and Thursday I got to my mom's house and we cook dinner together and it is always something delicious and healthy. We have done cheese burgers with oven fries, oven fried chicken with mashed potatoes, and chicken sandwiches.

Lately snacks have been greek yogurt (to get in a dairy) and a mini cliff bar to give me a little push before I workout. Sometimes it gets switched out if I get tempted while at work, but that is one reason I like to leave some leeway in my menu, to count for when I have a hard time saying no. And, if I don't use those extra points then I get to reward myself with some pretzel mms or some hot chocolate.
So far, this has worked for me for 2 months, which is pretty freaking impressive for me.