So imagine, you have a five or six year old who plays a sport. Just pick a sport, it doesn't matter which; football, baseball, basketball, wrestling swimming. The important thing to remember is that it is for five and six year olds. As in, really small, young children doing a sport.

Now, picture it, the sidelines full of parents; yelling and screaming, cheering, red faces, furrowed brows. The ref misses a call, doesn't see a penalty, or even worse, calls a penalty on your kid. Who does that man think he is? Stupid guy in a stupid striped shirt, he is unacceptable. Why is he picking on my kid? I must now scream at him.

Reason #3 I am Not Ready for Children: I'm just not competitive enough

Because lets face it, whether you are killing other teenagers so your daughter can be on the cheer leading team, or you're angry because your kid doesn't get to be first string quarterback, parents are crazy. I mean, all women are filled with crazy and I do not want to use my little bit of crazy on sporting events, especially ones for kids who can barely read.

I mean, seriously, don't be ridiculous. Between parents yelling at their kids for not being good enough and the coaches for simultaneously pushing their kid too hard and not coaching them enough and then screaming at the refs because they don't agree with the calls. I just refuse to be that crazy in public, I save it only for crappy drivers who get in my lane.

*Disclaimer* For any of my friends with children, I understand that you are not *this* type of parent, but it is a ridiculous topic that must be covered. Because, let's all admit it, you HAVE seen this parent before.