I think it is normal for people to always strive to better themselves. Whether it be with what you eat, how you move or the things you think, there is always a way to better round yourself out. I think it is why year after year people still make resolutions considering the failure rate. The same logic is behind why someone would set monthly goals.

I’ve never set monthly goals before, but I have some for February!

1. Get through week 3 of C25K

I’m pretty sure I have never actually completed week 3 of Couch to 5K. Completing week three would not only give me a sense of accomplishment, it is also something I can realistically hit.

2. Do a day of C25K outside (Weather permitting)

Especially considering the beautiful weather Georgia had this weekend, I would love to actually complete a run outside. It’s been years since I’ve bothered to run outside and since I know I can get my husband to go with me, that will make it more enjoyable.

3. Cook 1 new recipe a week

Sometimes my menus can become rather redundant. This way I will be a little adventurous each week with what we eat. Hopefully we will be lucky and have lots of delicious food.

4. Work out 14 days in February

I figure aiming to workout half the days in the month is manageable and something I should be able to accomplish without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Do something super special for Joseph once a week

I have a super great husband. Like, super, duper great. He does so much for me and he does so much to take care of me that I could brag about it all day. I know sometimes I can take it for granted so I want to make a real effort to do something every week so he knows how much I appreciate him.

6. Make the bed every day of the month.

There is something about climbing into a freshly made bed that is fabulous. Joseph and I got in the habit of making it every morning and sliding into the bed each night, under the crisp blankets, is just pure heaven. It is a quick and easy way that makes the whole bedroom look more put together.