Picture it: Atlanta, 2010. A young adult married woman has spent most of the morning awake; coughing, sneezing and painfully swallowing. She has called into work, bid her husband adieu as he goes off to work and snuggled under her slanket as Bones plays on her tv. She is sick and ill. What does she do? She texts her mommy, "If you have free time and are feeling generous, you should make me chicken soup, I feel horrible. :-/"

Imagine that young adult married woman's surprise when her mother calls her up two hours later to inquire if she needs her mommy to pick her up medicine on her way to bring her a huge freaking pot of chicken soup. This is the same magic chicken soup that all mother's know how to make for their sick children. Sometimes it involves rice, sometimes it involves noodles but it always involves the healing power of a mother's love.

Reason #1 I'm Not Ready for Children: I do not know how to make chicken soup.

I cannot even begin to debate having children if I can't properly bring them back from sickness with a bowl of warm, delicious, loving chicken soup. It is a mom law that you must have that special recipe committed to memory and have all ingredients on hand to cook up as needed. I never have carrots or celery in my refrigerator unless I specifically plan to make soup and it is always from a recipe.

How could I consider bringing a child into this crazy world when I am too inept to create a wonderful pot of chicken soup?

Oh, and it helped this girl get better from a horrific sinus infection.