The best way to show off a new camera is to show off some new pictures, right?

Joe, smiling for the camera. I swear he has some sixth sense to know when someone is taking a picture of him.

Picture of my nephew, Sterling, during a match. Sadly he lost all 3 of his matches today.

Between the gift card from my company, my grandma and my own bank account, I bought myself a simple Canon sx something or other. It fits in my purse, does not come with additional lenses and has no manual zoom. This makes me happy because a super duper nice camera would be lost on me. I don't know how to do anthing special, just point and shoot. But, it comes with smile recognition.

In other news, keep an eye out for my next installment of "Reasons Why I'm Not Read to Have Children". It is amazing what you can learn from a wrestling match!