This is my bed
(Ignore the ugly curtain and atrocious wall color. Hopefully all that will be changed soon!)

This bed is where I spend a LOT of my time. I love sleep. I adore. If I do not get enough sleep I get cranky, hungry and actually physically sick. In college, I would rather not do so well in school then pull an all nighter. I only did the crazy drunk thing a couple times because I would rather get a full night sleep.

Reason #2 I am not Ready for Children: I just love my sleep far too much to give it up.

Do you know what new mom's never, ever, ever get? Sleep! I mean, sure you can sleep when the baby is sleeping. But, well, when the baby is awake it is all about feeding and changing the little tyke. So when the baby is sleeping that's when you get to eat, shower, and run errands. Who has time to sleep when you still have a life to lead?

And working mom's, how do they do it? I mean, just because your 6 weeks are up and you need to go back to work doesn't mean your new baby cares. So you still get to wake up during various hours of the night but now you don't have any napping potential.

Until I am ready to give up some of my much beloved sleep, I probably shouldn't procreate. I mean, Joseph can't breast feed, even if he does have nipples!