When I first told Joseph in November that I wanted to join Weight Watchers (again) he was supportive but he was reluctant having seen me do the same weight loss tango over and over again. However, their Points + Plan is seriously the easiest thing ever and quickly jumped on board.

Joseph, although not the happiest with himself, didn't want to change anything. He didn't want to really start working out, he wasn't really interested in watching what he ate, he was happy with being complacent. But, when the primary food preparer starts caring about what they eat, it just so happens that the other people who eat the food are going to have some rather "trim" side effects.

It was only a month later when Joe jumped on the being healthy boat and really got concerned with what he ate and his workouts. We have become partners in being healthy. We do some sort of activity together 5 out of the 7 days of the week, encourage healthy eating and are great will power support when one of us wants to totally pig out on sweets.

I have to say that Joseph has totally slimmed down. He looks amazing but, even better is how him slimming down and being healthy has made him a more confident and happy person.

I fully believe that if you care about your health, then doing what you can to be healthier will make you a more complete person and I think Joseph has become the perfect example of that. I am so fully proud of him, his weight loss, his exercise habits and his continuing support of me.