So, Georges St. Pierre, one of the best fighters in the UFC and some would say (as in Me) most handsome has his own exercise dvd workout.
Joseph bought it and has completed two weeks. He loves it and says that it isn't so hard that you feel like giving up but hard enough to know that you made yourself stronger. He has agreed to start over since I want to participate.

I figure two good things can come of this:
1. I get more fit and have a workout schedule.
2. I get to look at GSP (mmm)

The first thing Georgie-boy wants you to do is do an assessment, take some before and after pictures and some measurements (no measuring tape, so no measurements!) The assessment is 1 minute of each: Squats, Push Ups, Sit Ups and Burpees. I did as follows:

Squats - 53
Push Ups - 9
Sit Ups - 13
Burpees - 10

Except for the squats, that is pretty sad. Hopefully by the time I've done this a couple of weeks, my numbers will have vastly improved.

And, just for my own personal mortification, my front, back and side before and after picture (after I've already lost 25 lbs, no less:
 I was so used to doing the suck and smile (where you suck in your belly and smile for the picture) that it was super hard to smile and not suck it in as much as possible. And this photo series is called "Public Accountability"

I will not, however, be eating the GSP way. I'm a big advocate of figuring out what healthy eating plan works best for you and sticking to it, and for 4 months I've been sticking to WW, so I'm going to continue to focus on that!